Top 6 New Balance Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis 2022

New Balance Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis

Do you have Achilles tendonitis and find difficulty in balancing? Do you want shoes that help you with walking smoothly? Then, look nowhere because we are going to enlist the New Balance shoes for Achilles Tendonitis, which provides stability and helps in recovering from the injuries.

These Balance shoes have the latest cushioning and are designed perfectly with the heel-to-toe sole to comfort your pain and avoid pain re-aggravating.

Let’s look at the top new balance shoes for Achilles tendonitis.


Go for Arch support:

People with high or low arches generally face the issue of Achilles tendonitis, so before choosing your ideal shoe, be sure to look for support and cushioning according to your arch type bending. 

Heel cushioning:

 A full cushioned heel bed or midsole or covering in the heel area is advised so that it will absorb shocks.

Bending caused in the football:

 make sure the shoe bends at the ball in the foot area to create balance and nowhere else.

Height of heel:

don’t opt for flat shoes. Look for shoes with a few high heels or drop heel to toe.

Ankle collar: 

The ankle collar should be cushioned and well fitted to avoid any strain or pressure on the heels.

Let’s look at the top new balance shoes for posterior Achilles Tendonitis and you can find the best pick for yourself!


Here is a list of product dimensions, product features and price of Achilles Tendonitis.


New Balance Men 623 V3 casual Trainers Check Price
New Balance Men 997 H1 Check Price
New Balance 997H V1 sneakers Check Price
Orthofeet men’s walking shoes sneakers Check Price
Orthocomfoot sneaker shoes Check Price
Skechers women’s arch fit Check Price

1. New Balance Men 623 V3 casual Trainers

New Balance Men 623 V3 casual Trainers

These New Balance trainers are a perfect choice for next-level Comfort. These shoes come in an athletic design with supportive technology to ease and comfort your feet. The ABZORB cushioning helps remove discomfort and pain in the calves due to the daily impact of walking; the compression-resistant technology makes it prone to shocks and waves.

The EVA foam footbed is installed in the shoes that make it lightweight, and the injection-induced EVA foam midsole provides flexible and strengthful pillow-like Comfort for a supportive and soft underfoot. The inputted collar foam in these trainers with reinforced design inbuilt extra support for all-time wear.

It keeps you stable on the bumpy and steady ground as well. These trainers have a shank style which adds the midfoot support and structure with every footstep! You can walk with style and confidence indoors and due to the outstanding outsole, which makes this shoe outperform on diverse ground types.

This shoe also has water-resistant leather, which you can cover up in harsh weather. New Balance Men 623 V3 casual trainers stand out as amazing athletic shoes, with an out marking New Balance brand and a strengthful closure, which will be your ideal choice!


  • Eva-cushioning for pillow-like Comfort
  • Can withstand harsh weather.

  • Waterproof technology can withstand rain and water.


  • The leather might damage over time.
  • The inside of the sole has thread stitching.

2. New Balance Men 997 H1

 New Balance Men 997 H1

These are the next generation shoes with bold looks. Made with 50 suede leather and 25 per cent mesh, and 25 per cent synthetic, their New Balance for Achilles Tendonitis is definitely up to the mark in durability.

These Balance shoes are for those champions who are driven with passion and want to conquer their fantasies fearlessly. These shoes possess ultra-soft technology, making them pretty comfortable to wear and convenient for long adventures. It provides all-day Comfort without any unpleasant odours or difficulty.

The comfort collar helps in reading any irritation. The Mesh panels allow the heat to move out and prevent any smell or odours. Underfoot cushioning makes you have a plush-like feel every time! 

These New Balance Achilles tendonitis never sacrifice support. It perfectly fits the heels and provides ankle settlement. Also, in this latest model, New Balance Men 997 H1, NB extra comfort technology has been inserted to create extra cushioning and erase any stiffness. To withstand the bumpy and rugged ground, the all-rubber outsole works wonders making you reach your destination without any hurdles.


  • Heritage inspired, taking in traditional looks
  • Pretty soft with extra soles inserted
  • Mesh panels for ultra-comfort.


  • The shoes are quite narrow
  • The sole is of normal quality

3. New Balance 997H V1 sneakers

New Balance 997H V1 sneakers

The New Balance 997H V1 sneakers have a heritage style design that gives the tint of progressive spin back from the 90s. The Mesh panels over them allow heat to escape and avoid unpleasant odours, allowing you to enjoy your adventures fully.

They are essential for hiking, and underfoot cushioning makes every step a smooth one! The soles are made with Emeva and rubber to create strength. They don’t get turned on any bumpy or rough ground and provide lightweight, causing no pressure at all!

The exotic NB branding makes it a bold and catchy style perfect for all occasions! This New Balance 997H V1 sneaker will allow you to reach your journeys in a better way. I loved its sleek design and endurance.


  • Lightweight allows mobility
  • Mesh panels make it breathable
  • Rubber outsoles make it tough to withstand any bumps


  • It is not water-resistant.
  • The fabric inside the shoe can fade with time.

4. Orthofeet men’s walking shoes sneakers

Orthofeet men's walking shoes sneakers

I admire these sneakers as they are specially created for Achilles tendonitis relief. Its ortho feet bio-mechanical design offers the best foot solutions for diverse medical foot conditions. It possesses premium cushioning to support the foot.

The ergonomic material of the sneakers provide a pillow-like feel and relax the muscles of the foot and legs. In addition to that, it alleviates the pressure over bunions with a mastered engineering of the heel to toe alleviation, which makes it non-binding in the bunions. They are pretty strengthful and durable.

The insoles are created with anatomical arch support that eradicates pressure points and relieves feet pressure. Not only this, it has 360° stretchable uppers that fit your sole and make your foot extremely comfortable. The toe-box of Orthofeet men’s walking shoes sneakers is also pretty roomy to allow the foot to settle well with the non-binding material. It is going to work wonders!


  • Guaranteed comfort with a perfect fit
  • Extra-cushioning for soft sole
  • Non-binding with the extra seam to reduce pain


  • Can be disrupted by walking on gravel or bumpy ground for long. 
  • The material can be stiff at initial. 

5. Orthocomfoot sneaker shoes

Orthocomfoot sneaker shoes

These sneakers are comfortably designed with a Suede leather upper and easy lace-up to keep you at ease. Orthocomfoot is built with a lightweight canvas, and careful sewing makes it durable and long-lasting! In addition to that, Comfoot has a flexible and ultralight midsole with Extra-cushioning to provide relief with the arch pains.

The outsole of Comfopt is created with anti-slip and flexible technology to let you walk with ease and stability. It also has breathable technology to keep the Comfort alive and is ideal for walking and hiking.

I find Orthocomfoot sneaker shoes reducing the pain moreover are built with orthotic insoles that have anatomical arch support to help eradicate pain. Not only that, its insole has an Eva technology cushioning layer that endures a massaging gel to absorb shock and provide Comfort. The sole also includes the feature of absorbing unpleasant odours. You can use these soles for everyday use. We make sure that your leisure time misses no comfort!


  • Canvas and suede to induce extraordinary and high-quality texture.
  • Anti-skid sole for durability and anti-slip movement. 
  • Close stitching for shoe strength.


  • It is not waterproof
  • The lace quality might decrease over time.

6. Skechers women’s arch fit

Skechers women's arch fit

I personally really admire the breathable shoes made with high-quality breathable mesh knitwear material for durability and strength. It possesses a classic lace-up design for a smooth walk and comfortable hiking. Moreover, these arch fits have removable podiatrist design in-soles.

They fit well and hug your feet, making you focus on running instead of the shoes. These arch fits are perfect for plantar fasciitis and drastically reduce pain. Coming with extra laces, they are never going to disappoint you.

 TheseSkechers women’s arch fit breathable is extra supportive. They are pretty strong, not breaking easily and are able to endure bumpy ground and ridges well too. Designed specifically for arch support, these Skechers will be a perfect choice for Achilles Tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel pain, and arthritis with smooth traction in the outsole, which makes you want one more pair!


  • Knitwear material for Comfort and strength
  • Classic lace-up design
  • Anti-slip technology. 


  • The shoestrings are of normal quality
  • Not much ideal for arch support


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the shoes have a great impact on Achilles Tendonitis. Wrong shoes can cause the tendon to shorten, aggravating the injury.

Flat shoes can worsen the injuries that run from the back of the heels to the calves. It is best to wear heel -to -toe drop shoes.

And yes, arches do support them. They help to relieve foot pressure and pain.


The New Balance shoes for Achilles Tendonitis can be a perfect choice to ease pain and have a smooth walk or run. They are specifically engineered and designed to meet the needs of injuries and make you recover quickly. But before buying, be sure to select the proper size and check the type of your foot and which shoe suits it the most.