12 Best Shoes for Tennis Players for Men and Women

Best Shoes for Tennis Players

Having the appropriate tennis shoes offers you the edge required to get around your court without much effort. Today, we are here with the 12 best shoes for tennis players out there.

Plus, we’ll also give you a complete insight into why and how they will provide you with the winning edge. While deciding which one to purchase, you have to consider the type of material, weight, traction, ease, and obviously the style that is best suitable for the game. If you want to know more about men’s tennis shoes then you can read our article 10 Best Tennis Shoes for Men.

Whether you are enjoying golf, playing tennis, or running, your footwear should be highly suitable for the environment and activity. Different courts require different sorts of grip to permit you to give your best when playing.

Using grass-court sneakers on clay isn’t going to be perfect for the competition, so you have to choose the pair of shoes that will assist you in lifting your game.

Best Shoes for Tennis Players for Men and Women

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As your convenience is our first priority, we have compiled a list of the 12 best shoes for tennis players – so that you can easily decide which one to opt for to get the amazing product according to your gaming needs and requirements. So, here we go;

1. Adidas Performance Men’s Classic Shoe


Our top pick in today’s list is the one and only Adidas Performance Men’s Classic Shoe, which works wonderfully for tennis players. Yes, it has proved to be the best shoes for tennis by showing outstanding performance.


The shaft of this amazing pair of shoes measures about from arch to low-top. On the other side, the platform measures about 0 to 3 inches. The grain leather upper of these tennis player shoes offers great protection and support, too.

Moreover, the non-marking superb rubber outsole is excellent for a strong grip on all kinds of indoor surfaces; it ensures that you’ll have zero risks of slipping in any case.

Also, it is a classic product, and you would surely love using these best tennis shoes for tennis. Sounds good, right?


  • Real leather and suede
  • Classic look
  • Real gum sole
  • Cheap
  • Extremely durable


  • Real suede and leather are used, so it’s hotter than other pairs

2. Men Athletic Mesh Blade Sneaker

Best Shoes for Tennis Players

No other choice can be better than the Men Athletic Mesh Blade Sneaker if you want the best shoes for playing tennis and also don’t want to compromise on the design and stylish look. These pairs are just amazing to serve the purpose.


These are undeniably the shoes good for the tennis court that come with the excellent breathable textile, ensuring air permeability that efficiently keeps the feet dry & brings great comfort.

Furthermore, the anti-collision works perfectly to offer wider space for moving freely.

In addition, you can use them on any occasion as well as it is a multitasking item – so you won’t have to buy another pair to wear for other purposes. Plus, it also has a blade rubber sole which makes it unique from other best tennis shoes to play tennis .


  • Very stylish
  • Great quality
  • Worth the price
  • Nice rubber insole


  • The factor of comfort is less

3. Adidas Women’s Grand Court Sneaker


Looking for budget-friendly yet feature-packed shoes for tennis? Well, the Adidas Women’s Grand Court Sneaker can be a sweet spot for you. This inspiring footwear has a classic lace closure, especially for a snug fit.


These best support tennis shoes contain pillow-soft outstanding cushioning for regular wear.

Want to know does brooks make a court shoe with the tennis shoe? Well, with this super cool item, you can expect great durability and ease. Surprising, right? Isn’t it?

Also, the Cloudfoam sock liner is great for comfort and offers lightweight cushioning. All in all, these are the best tennis shoes for women with a broad width and flat base to make them easy to move around everywhere.

Its sleek & stylish texture will grab everyone’s attention to your shoes. A great kick for the folks!


  • Flat base
  • Reasonably-priced
  • Super cute look
  • Good quality Cloudfoam


  • The back of the heel doesn’t offer support

4. BRONAX Men’s Tennis Sneakers


The BRONAX Men’s Tennis Sneakers is highly recommended and loved by all of its buyers, a plus point to its selling. These best men’s tennis shoes are extremely durable and true to size; padding and collar throughout the tongue are also there for extra comfort.


You will look lively and confident with the exceptional fashion sneaker style of the shoes normal tennis.

And yes, the slip-on design, along with the shoelaces, will provide you with a secure fit & convenience, making sure that you won’t get any scratch on your feet at all. Yes, you heard that right!

The durable rubber outsole of tennis pros shoes give stability and premium cushioning – so you will always be ready for the very next session.

Being highly versatile, the profession tennis shoes can be dressed both up and down. Overall, its price, fit, look, and quality all are just incredible and amazing.


  • Awesome fit
  • Long-lasting
  • Pretty comfortable
  • Work really wellOffers exceptional style


  • Lack of support

5. ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate Shoes


With the marvellous quality and top-notch performance, ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate Shoes has won the hearts of many people. Overall, this is the best support tennis shoe that works magically in all aspects.


Put in the most pleasurable performance on the court with the help of these professional tennis shoes.

Featuring modern technologies, it offers all the support and comfort you need from the very first service to your match point. A splendid addition to your new collection of shoes!!

Additionally, the removable EVA sock liner and EVA midsole are also there. You will surely like the material used in it.

The classic looks and best lateral support of this sneaker are also preferable and fantastic. So, why still browsing? Just buy it on the go, guys!


  • Works well
  • Good fit
  • Cool design
  • Best lateral support
  • High stability


  • Less durable

6. WHITIN Women’s Transitional Shoe


Wondering how you can get the most supportive tennis shoes without much effort? No issues! WHITIN Women’s Transitional Shoe will never disappoint you in any case with its portable and feature-filled nature.


The nicest thing about this item is that it has a zero-drop, non-elevated amazing heel for the best proper posture. There is no doubt in it that it has got so many women’s tennis shoe reviews, which makes it even more considerable and nice.

Yes, this is absolutely the best shoe for women’s tennis, with a perfect low-to-ground design specifically for agility and balance.

The lugger sole trade will also provide you with the super fantastic sure-footed traction. Also, it has a nice wide toe box that works fascinatingly. Isn’t it wonderful?


  • Breathable fabrics
  • Fine rubber soles
  • Offers great protection
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  • Less support

7. Adidas Men’s Grand Court Sneaker

Adidas Men’s Grand Court Sneaker

The Adidas Men’s Grand Court Sneaker is one of the best lightweight supportive tennis shoes, which means you won’t have to be worried about any stress of heavy and thick material with this. A great deal for the bucks!


Many people have found them the most comfortable court shoes ever since they always impressed the players with their long-lasting materials and high durability. Its rubber outsole is great for added grip. Plus, the Adidas tennis shoes’ weight is also impressive.

These all-in-ones and most supportive tennis shoes women have a thicker sole, and its rounded toe will also add great comfort to your feet. Well, the quality of this wonderful can’t be ignored as well. What a perfect deal to grab!!


  • Supportive sole design
  • Strong built
  • Breathable
  • Perfect for travelling
  • Classic design


  • Heavy

8. WHITIN Women’s Minimalist Shoe


Wanna explore the best option of good Nike shoes for tennis? Then no more browsing! WHITIN Women’s Minimalist Shoe will surely help you fulfil all your needs and requirements perfectly, a big plus to its superb and outstanding functionality.


If opting for the most durable tennis shoe brand is your priority, you can blindly trust WHITIN as all of its products show exceptional reliability, comfort, and durability.

The most fascinating fact about it is that it is also perfect for workouts and the gym – so you can also wear it at these places. Yes, you heard that right!

The best factor of this item is that it comes with the removable insole sock liner, which is best if you want to have a more barefoot feeling. And the true rubber sole also offers the best protection. So, what are you guys waiting for? Simply order yours and get ready for the results.


  • Awesome sleek shoe
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Stylish look
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Good-quality


  • The sole is really thin

9. TIAMOU Men Sport Sneakers

TIAMOU Men Sport Sneakers

For people who are professionals in tennis, it’s somehow difficult to opt for footwear that wonderfully adapts the feet while offering restful and easy wearing.

But with the TIAMOU Men Sport Sneakers, you can absolutely expect a huge width with exceptional depth, particularly for reducing all the friction.


Without any doubt, these are the most durable men’s tennis shoes out there that come with nice air permeability, mesh vamp, and the best materials, keeping your feet in a safe environment.

Its Honeycomb Insole gives it a honeycomb shape. Plus, it becomes even more noteworthy with the ventilation, deodorization, and sweat absorption functions.

TIAMOU is one of the most popular tennis shoe brands in the shoe market, and all of its items are just amazing.

Its unique and stylish design makes it perfect to wear on all kinds of occasions, too. So, just don’t think anymore; choose it now and enjoy the outstanding performance of this masterpiece.


  • Comfortable pairs
  • Great value for money
  • Durable and stylish
  • High ventilationNice air permeability


  • Not good for long distances

10. New Balance Men’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe

New Balance Men’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe

For the ultimate on-court support and stability, the New Balance Men’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe offers marvellous unrivalled motion control. These light tennis shoes can be your final destination if you don’t want to skip the item with the best mobility and ease.


The built-in and soft cushions of these stable tennis shoes feel really good and pleasant. Its Herringbone-pattern amazing outsole even adds extra traction, especially during the lateral movements.

And yes, the Lightning Dry wicks all the moisture away efficiently to assist in keeping your feet comfortable and dry.

All in all, these are the lightest clay court tennis shoes with comfy shoe bottoms. At this reasonable price, you will rarely find such super amazing features along with excellent quality. So, why would you compromise on anything when you have a chance to choose this one? Don’t let it go, folks!


  • Feels comfy
  • Worth the price
  • Best for concrete floors
  • Extra protection
  • Classic design


  • Expensive

11. New Balance Women’s Nergize Sneaker

 New Balance Women’s Nergize Sneaker

If you want to buy a pair of good-quality footwear without breaking a bank, the New Balance Women’s Nergize Sneaker is worth considering. They can be a very suitable option for everyone who doesn’t want to compromise on the quality of playing to the next level.


The top-rated best cheap tennis shoes are particularly designed to move with you. The best fit for the active lifestyle, these everyday shoes feature a nice REVlite midsole for the best arch support, so they also work as the best tennis shoes for knee pain. A big plus to all-day-long convenience and comfort!

Equipped with the exceptional NB Memory sole, these casual cushioned sneakers will highly assist you to relish a super soft and comfy feel with every single step taken. Also, the low-profile design, feminine vibes, and sleek branding also make it the best tennis sneakers for clay courts.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable & reliable
  • Minimize feet pain
  • Ideal fit
  • Easy to wash


  • Not super supportive

12. Ezkrwxn Men’s Fashion Tennis Shoes

Ezkrwxn Men’s Fashion Tennis Shoes

The Ezkrwxn Men’s Fashion Tennis Shoes is award-winning footwear that has a built-in heel and also offers extra width for more room to move freely. It is specially designed to perform all the essential functions needed to become the best tennis shoe for wide feet.


One of the most pleasant factors in this item is that it is available in many attractive colors so that you can decide according to your taste. Black & red, black & green, red, and black are fabulous color combinations, making them more captivating. What a fantastic treat to walk in!!

Overall, these best tennis sneakers for clay courts have a water-resistant and non-slip outsole as well as a slip-on design to best meet all the requirements at the same time. Well, it is also quite easy to put on and off everywhere. You can wear this footwear for purposes other than tennis as well, even while running, sports, travel, driving, working, training, walking, and so on.


  • Nice sole design
  • Nice sole design
  • Fits perfectly
  • Offers all-day comfort
  • Great padding


  • It starts squeaking, mostly indoors

Buying Guide: How do we select the Best Tennis Shoes in 2022?

Listed below are the main factors you should consider before ranking any of the 12 best shoes for tennis players on our comprehensive list:

●   The Quality and Material of Tennis Shoes

Mostly, people somehow do an injustice by saying that ‘gear does not matter, but just skills do.’ Well, they’re just 50 per cent right as tennis is actually a professional sport where control and balance are factors that are counted the most.

We check out the quality by simply looking at the material used in that particular shoe. Also, you can’t decide whether the shoe is of good quality or not by just checking its price; you have to notice the texture, design, brand, and material to get the right one for you.

●   Comfort and Cushioning in Tennis Shoes

This is one of the essential factors, which is self-explanatory and obvious. Any athlete with a throbbing foot would not be able to provide the performance he exactly needs to on that match day. How properly cushioned and comfortable tennis shoes are do add to the factors of quality, as mentioned earlier.

There are also the times when you’re good with stamina, but in a very long and time-taking match, a confining and uncomfortable pair of shoes will definitely start to mess with the feet. All in all, this is one of the main features you can undeniably never compromise on in any case.

●   Tennis Shoes & your Playing Style

A good athlete comprehends pretty much all the things about this specific playing style. Thus, one would be highly able to select the appropriate shoes, which would efficiently determine the performance on a given time or day.

For instance, if you’re a baseline player & spend time mostly at the backline, you’re going to need sneakers with some exceptional lateral support as it involves more gesture and movement.

On the other side, if you’re kind of a player who mostly likes to volley and serve, you need more arch support as you will be able to outreach the net rapidly, in this case, by bolting more right after you serve the shot.

Plus, such players need the right footwear that is more reliable & durable since the hard practice wears the sneakers off much faster than other styles.

●   Materials utilized in making the Tennis Shoes

A tennis shoe includes many parts in its production, including lower, upper, midsole, toe cap, vamp, outsole, and toe guard.

A nice shoemaking brand stuffs every part with the same quality material as if you utilize polyethylene for an instant; it would make the footwear too hefty to lift.

Additionally, when the additional cushioning of shoes at different parts is needed, a suitable material should be selected, so the shoes don’t get too weighty while remaining comfy at the same time.

This is one of the prominent and noteworthy reasons why you should consider looking for brands like Nike and Adidas to ensure such essential features for yourself.

Frequently Questioned Answers

It seems patent that tennis should be played efficiently with tennis shoes, particularly for side movement.
Normally, you see a lot of tennis players wearing running shoes rather than tennis shoes.
The major impact of tennis and running is largely determined on the feet. So, you should simply play in whatever shoe you feel most comfy and perfect to go with for your game.

Of course, yes! You need to purchase tennis shoes if you want to play tennis without any discomfort.
Choosing the right footwear, especially for playing tennis, is as necessary as practice and skill.
It’s actually a kind of game where you just have to be in ideal control & balance. Therefore, trustworthy and famous tennis brands like Adidas, Asics, Nike are putting their best efforts into making the best comfortable shoes for tennis players.

There are various brands of tennis shoes in the market; however, there isn’t just one specific favourite brand of people.
The top aspects that we consider are generally durability, budget, performance, and quality. After extensive research, we concluded that some of the best brands for tennis shoes are:
New Balance Tennis Shoe
NIKE Men’s Court Lite
Adidas Men’s Gamecourt
Nike Men’s Air Cross Trainer
ASICS Gel-Resolution Tennis Shoes

Final Thoughts

All of these plus exceptional traction will get you onto the winning path on the courts.  Performing at your best, especially on the court, isn’t only about the balls and racquet; it is all mostly about the footwork. You need the most efficient and snug tennis shoe you can really afford to be capable of lifting your tennis game to another level.

Support, stability, flexibility, and comfort are what the best-rated tennis shoes will offer you, along with breathable material construction and durability. All of these extra exceptional tractions will surely get you onto the victorious track on the courts.

So, which pair of shoes from the above-mentioned list of the 12 best shoes for tennis players do you like the most?