10 Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support 2022

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle

The thrill and excitement that come with playing sports are surreal, and basketball is no different.

However, the game also comes with some challenges. Basketball is a fast-paced and demanding sport, where the players’ feet are often prone to injury- with broken and sprained ankles being the most common ones.

This is where you’ll need the right basketball shoes for increased ankle support and protection. Only the right footwear with adequate ankle support can protect you against these damages.

Below is a list of the 10 best basketball shoes for ankle support based on our research and experience with a range of footwear.

10 Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Nike Zoom Freak Check Price
Nike Lebron 17 Check Price
Socviis Air Running Basketball Shoes Check Price
Adidas Pro Model 2G Check Price
Adidas Pro Model 2G Check Price
Embiid 1 Check Price
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Overall Best Basketball Shoes: Nike Zoom Freak

Nike Zoom Freak

The Nike Zoom Freak 1 shoe is made with lightweight materials and robust construction that makes it highly breathable and supportive at the same time.

What I like the most about this shoe is its padded ankle collar and internal forefoot containment system that keep your foot comfortably in place during the game.

Extremely comfortable midsoles with soft yet resilient foaming and dual Zoom air units under the heels provide extra cushioning, reducing the impact around the ankles.

The outsoles have textures that not only make the shoe look athletic but also enhance its traction and grip. It features a unique rubber clip on the outsoles for additional lateral support.

Overall, it is an excellent ankle support shoe for basketball players of all levels.


  • Extended rubber clip for lateral stability
  • Padded collar for ankle support
  • Dual zoom air units for added cushioning
  • Textured outsole for enhanced traction


  • Can get dirty quickly
  • Firm forefoot cushioning

Most Supportive Basketball Shoes: Nike Lebron 17

 Lebron 17

A signature Nike basketball shoe, Lebron 17 is known for its exceptional impact cushioning that delivers incredible comfort to the players’ feet.

It features max air heel, zoom air forefoot, and a thick upper area that contribute to providing immense ankle support to your feet.

Lebron 17 has great traction that ensures your feet remain well-protected during jumps, movements, and impacts.

The shoe is made of breathable and lightweight material to offer increased breathability and comfort.

The rubber outsole of the shoe ensures increased resistance against sliding. Moreover, the shoe comes with knit-in stretch to provide a secure fit.


  • Plush cushioning for well-rested ankle and heel
  • Excellent and supportive fit
  • Multi-directional traction pattern
  • Lightweight and breathable  
  • Comfortable upper


  • Can be expensive
  • Thick upper can feel warm

Lightweight Basketball Shoes with Good Ankle Support: Socviis Air Running Basketball Shoes

Socviis Air Running Basketball Shoes

Socviis Air Running Basketball Shoe is another great choice for basketball players as it comes with impact cushioning to help reduce impact loading and prevent injuries during the game.

The A air unit under the heel ensures more flexibility, enhanced support, and great resistance against shocks.

The rubber sole and lightweight structure of the shoe ensure that it’s comfortable on your foot while offering adequate support and snug.

This basketball shoe made of lightweight mesh, breathable material, and synthetic wrap not only hugs your foot but also keeps it in place and offers a secure fit.

The soft padding collar and thickly stitched overlay offer your ankle increased support and protection when playing tough sports like basketball.


  • Impact cushioning for great impact resistance
  • Lightweight and breathable structure
  • Comfortable and responsive
  • Good stability
  • Easy to bend


  • May rip quickly

Best High Tops for Ankle Support Basketball Shoe: Adidas Pro Model 2G

Adidas Pro Model 2G

The Adidas Pro Model 2G is an incredibly comfortable basketball shoe, exclusively designed to provide enhanced ankle support. gftr54

The shoe comes with a rubber shell toe cap, high top, and comfortable cushioning to keep your ankle protected and your foot in place.

As per my experience, the responsive midsole and enhanced traction of the shoe make an ideal choice for basketball games.

The ergonomic fit and lace closure of the shoes ensure that it comfortably fits your foot while offering a snug hug.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Responsive and supportive low-to-the-ground cushioning
  • Made of durable leather material


  • Can be prone to heel slipping

Best Lightweight Basketball Shoes with Ankle Support: Nike Kyrie 6

Nike Kyrie 6 shoe is specially designed for basketball court conditions as it offers a foot-locked-in feel.

The shoe helps keep your foot right in place without putting any pressure on the ankle.

The enhanced traction, robust support, and padded ankle collar of this shoe lock in your ankle support it and keep it aligned with your foot.

It further adds to the safety with its adjustable strap that wraps around your midfoot.

The signature Nike zoom air technology, multi-angle blade pattern, and gripping body ensures that you get an amazing grip with great support.


  • Breathable and lightweight mesh forefront
  • Adjustable strap to enhance stability
  • Flexible upper minimized ankle injuries
  • Great bounce back with zoom turbo


  • Needs break-in

Best Stability Basketball Shoe: Embiid 1

Embiid 1

Embiid1 provides different levels of stability to protect your entire foot, making it an excellent pick for basketball players.

The shoe comes with thermoplastic urethane (TPU) wings and rubber outsoles to provide lightweight comfort and excellent resistance against abrasion.

The soft cushioning across the shoe structure provides an extra layer of protection and comfort.

Emdiid1 is specifically designed to provide added ankle support and bounce on the court.

The unique traction pattern of the shoe ensures maximum grip and great resistance against slips or fall accidents.


  • TPU wings to prevent abrasion
  • Balanced cushioning
  • Breathable
  • Exceptionally supportive and stable


  • Can feel heavy and chunky
  • Can wear off quickly

Best Budget Nike Ankle Support Shoes: Nike Renew Elevate

Nike Renew Elevate

What I like the most about Nike Renew Elevate is it makes an inexpensive alternative to other highly-priced variants of Nike shoes for basketball.

You can use this shoe for outdoor as well as indoor courts due to its various unique features.

It offers incredible traction, cushioning layout, and is built with mesh materials to provide enough support and comfort to your feet.

The shoe delivers a very secure lockdown without adding extra weight.


  • Soft cushioning
  • Effective traction
  • Highly comfortable and lightweight
  • Supportive upper materials


  • May feel narrow
  • Needs break-in

Best Casual Basketball Shoes for Bad Ankles: Adidas Dame 8

Adidas Dame 8

Adidas Dame 8 is another decent choice that provides adequate ankle support when playing casual basketball games.

It delivers everything that a basic basketball player expects from a shoe.

The shoe is supportive, comfortable, and bouncy. It features strategic cushioning for maximum comfort and great traction for prevention against slips.

It also comes with a secure lockdown to keep your foot in its place throughout the game.

The responsive forefoot and rubber outsole of the shoe ensure that your foot gets maximum comfort and strength during the game.


  • Good traction on smooth courts
  • Secure lockdown
  • Responsive forefoot
  • Impact protection in the heel to keep ankles safe


  • Not suitable for outdoor courts
  • Catches dust easily

Best Adidas Ankle Support Shoes: Adidas Pro Bounce Low Basketball Shoe

Adidas Pro Bounce Low Basketball Shoe

This model by Adidas is an all-rounder with exceptional capabilities of delivering added traction and comfort to its wearers. It provides incredible grip and resistance to keep your feet right where it belongs during the match.

Adidas Pro Bounce is one of the most comfortable basketball shoes created for maximum impact protection, dynamic traction, and ankle support like never before.

The powerful protection, high-cost performance, and wear-resistant of the shoe make it a favourite of many basketball players.


  • Excellent traction and grip
  • Durable structure
  • Responsive due to bounce cushioning technology
  • Synthetic sole for added comfort


  • Dirt-prone
  • Not suitable for dusty or outdoor courts

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes: Peak Streetball Master

Peak Streetball Master

An affordable and highly-functional outdoor basketball shoe that checks all the boxes.

With comfortable and well-engineered construction, this shoe can endure a lot in terms of durability and mobility.

It comes with an exquisite quality of integrated weaving and honeycomb traction pattern that enhances the gripping when playing outdoors.

The cushioned and elevated midsole combined with a blue OrthoLite insole ensures efficient shock absorption and impact protection to protect your ankle from any sudden jerks or movements.

In addition, the lacing system provides the ideal fit to keep your foot in place.


  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Enhanced traction
  • Shock absorbent to prevent injuries
  • Honeycomb traction pattern


  • Limited support
  • Can be rigid

Things to Consider While Buying Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Here are some features you should consider while looking for the best basketball shoes for ankle support:

The Upper

This is the area that covers the top of your foot from inside. The material of this area decides the degree of stability and mobility for your feet while playing. Look for basketball shoes with kitted, leather, textile, mesh, canvas upper. 


Traction is a must-have for basketball shoes as it provides enhanced ankle support and prevents you from sliding on the court.

Make sure to look for a shoe with sturdy, anti-skid traction to get a solid grip on the ground.


The outsole of your shoe plays a vital role in protecting your ankle during the game. Make sure to look for an outsole that is highly shock-absorbent, offers support, and has a rough texture.

These features ensure that your foot stays in the right position while offering adequate support and easy movement, without any added pressure on the ankles.


Look for shoes with the right amount of impact cushioning to keep your foot safe from shocks and jerks during landing.

It absorbs the jumping effects, which prevents inflammation in the ankles.


The outrigger is the front area of your shoe that lies on the outside.

It helps keep your foot stable and your ankles in place while you move around laterally. Lateral movements often cause ankle injuries, which can be protected with a great outrigger.


Your basketball shoe should fit your foot perfectly, not too tight or too loose.

The right fit will provide stability during movements and while landing. Look for a shoe with a flexible structure so that you can keep your feet in place without restricting the movement.

To Wrap It Up

Basketball shoes with the right ankle support will not only prevent ankle injuries and pain but will also help keep your feet in place.

On the contrary, a shoe without ankle support can sprain your ankles, cause injuries, and can affect the quality of your game.

Therefore, it is recommended to get a shoe that is supportive of the ankles, and we hope that this article helps you find one.

Though every shoe in this list makes an excellent choice to provide ankle support for basketball players.

Our Top Picks

Nike Zoom Freak 1

Pro Bounce Low Basketball Shoe

Adidas Pro Model 2G

Do you have anything to add to the list of best basketball shoes for ankle support? Do share with us in the comments below!